March For Life

Jan 26, 2020
begins at 1:00 pm

To our SSPX family and friends

A great opportunity will be presented to us on January 26th to speak with our feet and voices for the unborn children who may not have a chance of survival because of the evil of abortions. 

Please see the Josephine County’s Right to Life March and Rally information on this site and hope we can together show our unity as a church supporting this cause.

We hope to have our SSPX family together during this walk, from the courthouse to the Riverside park, praying the Rosary and invoking our Holly Mother’s help to close down more abortions clinics in Oregon.

Please mark this day and time in your calendars.  We have not seen an advertisement of time but only the banner hanging over 6th street.  We will do our part to inform everyone with updated information as soon as possible.

Right to Life March and Rally

Josephine County Courthouse
500 NW 6th St
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
United States

Start Time: 1:00pm - End Time: 3:00pm


Right-to-Life Website and Information

March for Life


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