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Thank you Father Post!

We would all like to take a moment to thank Father Gregory Post for his recent visits to our little mission chapel.

Even though our mission is small, we continue to grow in our faith. The support we have received has not gone unnoticed, and we are nothing but grateful for the hard work of the Society priests. None of this would be possible without their constant assistance, hard work, and long hours of driving to reach us in Southern Oregon.

Let us not forget to pray for our priests!

A little about Father Post,

Father Gregory Post was the first American priest to be ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre himself in 1972 (as pictured). From the day of his ordination, Father Post has served the SSPX faithfully.

He and his fellow priests founded multiple missions which have since grown to be thriving Catholic communities.

A copy of Father Post's biography will be available through our website in the next few weeks.

The above photo was taken from the SSPX Regina Coeli Report number 258.

Please take the time to view some of the articles written by The Society.

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